"It is something historical" - Jurgen Klopp defends Liverpool fans booing national anthem

Liverpool fans have received a lot of criticism for booing the national anthem in the FA Cup final and Jurgen Klopp has now responded.

Speaking in his press conference ahead of the Southampton game tomorrow, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Klopp said that Liverpool fans have a reason why they boo the national anthem.

"Our people wouldn't do it if there was no reason," he said. "It is something historical. The majority of our support are wonderful people. Really smart, go through lows and highs. They wouldn't do it without reason.

"The people do not do it for no reason. Maybe we should ask this question?"

Anfield Watch Verdict

As someone who has been to Wembley multiple times since I was 10-years-old, it has always been a thing that Liverpool fans boo the national anthem.

Personally, I'm really confused why it's only getting media coverage now. We did it against Chelsea in the League Cup final and against Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final.


The fact that this is getting more coverage than Manchester City fans booing the minute's silence for the Hillsborough victims speaks volumes of the world we live in.

Klopp is spot on in what he said too. 'The people do not do it for no reason. Maybe we should ask this question?'.

Why should we respect something that doesn't respect us? There is a reason why a lot of people from Liverpool say 'Scouse not English'. It's because we feel like outsiders in our own country.

I've been to nearly every Premier League stadium as a Liverpool away supporter and every game I hear 'sign on' chants and vile Hillsborough chants.

This isn't every fans fault, but it's a large majority of the match going supporters who represent the clubs and the said clubs have not done enough in combating these vile chants that we witness every game, home and away.

That is why a large majority of Liverpool fans boo the national anthem and don't group themselves with English people.

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