Interesting details about Jurgen Klopp's life

German football coach Jurgen Klopp was a defender in his playing days, but on the pitch the German did not make any notable progress. Since the autumn of 2015, he has been the head coach of Liverpool Football Club. His productive tactics, based on counterattacks and moderate pressing, has helped the English giant reach new heights.

In addition, journalists have noted the charisma of Klopp, who is an excellent motivator. Klopp is recognized by many experts and fans as one of the best coaches in the world. A football coach is a state of mind in which you need to combine various qualities, because every defeat or victory unites the team and, most importantly, the task of the coach is to raise the spirit of the team. The coach puts his entire soul into his work. Of course, being a coach is a calling for someone, but at the same time, you can learn how to work as a coach. This is a highly demanded profession, for example, there are many vacancies for football goalkeeper coaches and others.

Everyone knows Jurgen Klopp is an excellent coach, but let's find out more about him.

Jurgen Klopp


Liverpool hired the most passionate and outspoken manager in the clubs history, following the modest Roy Hodgson, the seasoned Kenny Dalglish, and the dry Brendan Rodgers. Klopp is not just charismatic, he is a lighter man. He is witty and extraordinary. A cut of his original goal celebrations and wins has long been a Youtube hit, journalists adore him for his fiery comments. Since the Beatles, Liverpool has not known such a showman. It seems that if Klopp went alone to the football pitch, the stands would still be full.

A football player's friend

The extraordinary closeness with the players is one of the factors contributing to Klopp's success. He does not strive to be a depressing office boss for the players, unlike coaches from earlier generations.  To joke, to get pinned, to be doused with beer right at a press conference - it's all in Klopp's style. Taking players to a bar at Christmas is no problem. Unlike Luciano Spalletti, Klopp has appeared at parties, holidays and just football parties. And because the players like the coach's attitude, they give him a mountain of support.

English football supporter

Klopp has never hidden his interest in English football. He has watched Premier League matches and followed the British press his entire career - and previously revealed he'd always wanted to try his hand at the English Premier League. Moreover, the football style he preaches is close to English - this is football built on athleticism, intense pressure and high speeds.

Honest truth-seeker

Another endearing feature of Klopp's character is his pathological honesty and craving for revelations. He does not hesitate to answer personal questions, including provocative ones. "Yes, I transplanted my hair. It turned out great, didn't it?" - he answered the reporter when asked about his hairstyle. If Liverpool put in a poor performance, he will say so. If the fiery German needs to criticize or praise someone, he will not go into his pocket for a word, he will do it harshly or with humor.

Adored by the fans

"Tens of thousands of fans in the stands are a real thrill, euphoria," Klopp has previously admitted, comparing the emotions of a crowded stadium with the pleasures of an act of love. Klopp can safely go to the bar to raise a glass for the fans and go to the stands and chat with the fans. Fans really appreciate this approach.

Prefers to hike alone

The role of walking in sports training is the subject of Klopp's university thesis. The greatest approach to concentrating and evaluating the game, according to Jurgen, is to take a lonesome stroll from the stadium to his residence. That he often practices.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed learning more about this exceptional Liverpool coach.

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