"In theory" - Callum Wilson on the added time against Liverpool at Anfield

Newcastle United forward Callum Wilson has given his opinion on the time that was added on to their Premier League clash against Liverpool at Anfield last week.

Eddie Howe's side were looking to waste time whenever they could against the Reds. With that being the case, six minutes of stoppage-time were added on during the second half.

However, the match went beyond the initial added time. Liverpool attacker Fabio Carvalho scored the winner 98 minutes into the clash.

Wilson has opened up on the aforementioned topic.

β€œIn theory, it's impossible for us to waste time and I don't understand how you can then run over the six minutes. Liverpool weren't playing the greatest, fans were a little bit sore," he told the Footballer's Football podcast, as quoted by AW on Twitter.

β€œIt's a professional sport and there is so much at stake when a team does play away from home. Slowing the game down hasn't got the Anfield crowd all singing, dancing, cheering away but that's what we want.

β€œThe ball was in play and the goalie would catch it and go down. The ball is still in play - it's not in the crowd. With a multi-ball system, their ball boys are chucking the ball back straight away."

Anfield Watch Verdict

What Wilson is failing to acknowledge is that Newcastle were wasting time in the very dying moments of the game.

The referee knew that, which is why the match went beyond 96 minutes.

At the end of the day, Newcastle got what they deserved. On another note, Liverpool are seriously struggling this season.

After six games, the Reds sit in seventh-place in the Premier League table. With that being the case, hopefully we see an improvement from Liverpool as the season progresses.

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