"I would say" - Paul Pogba gives honest opinion on Anfield

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has given his verdict on Anfield.

The Frenchman has been a senior Red Devil since the summer of 2016. With that being the case, Pogba has played against Liverpool away from home.

The 29-year-old has revealed on FootballJoe's YouTube account that Anfield is one of the most hostile stadiums he has stepped foot in.

“What is the most hostile and aggressive atmosphere you have ever played in?” the host asked (07:50).

Pogba replied: “I think there is two, you mean like a stadium right? I would say Liverpool and Anfield, and Borussia Dortmund."

Anfield Watch Verdict

The home support inside Anfield is hostile for opposition players because they get behind their team. The crowd is known as the 12th man for a reason.

Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane has explained why travelling to Anfield is never an enjoyable trip for an away team.

As quoted by Extra.ie, the Irishman said the following: "You often hear that you never see a supporter score a goal or make a tackle, but they do have a huge affect on their own team and on the opposition.

"It’s certainly one of the toughest places (due to the hostility) I’ve ever experienced to come and get a result."

But, there is no denying that the atmosphere is far more hostile for a match against Manchester United.

That is simply because the Red Devils and Liverpool are huge rivals. Therefore, we are not remotely shocked that Pogba named Anfield as one of the most hostile stadiums that he has stepped foot in.

Liverpool will face Manchester United at Anfield on the 19th of April. We do expect the Anfield crowd to make it another tough day for the Red Devils.

But, there is still a bit of football to be played before the aforementioned Premier League fixture comes around.

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