"I would be calm about that" - Jurgen Klopp on the gulf in class between Reds and Rangers

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has spoken about the gulf in class between the Reds and Rangers.

The Premier League side defeated the Scottish Premiership team 2-0 in the Champions League at Anfield last night.

Post-game, Klopp was asked if there is a big gulf in class between Liverpool and Rangers. The German had the following to say.

"No. I would be calm about that," he told the club's official website.

"Rangers are a really good team, doing really well and played an exceptional season in Europe last year, unlucky they lost the (Europa League) final. They qualified for the Champions League and that's all positive.

"You cannot have it all in one, you need a bit of time to adapt to Europe as well.

"Maybe it is the wrong press conference to talk about Celtic, I am not sure if you will all stand up and go if I say the word, but I think both of these clubs made a big steps in the last few years.

"If you want, you can talk about 'the gulf' between, or you see how close they came and that's the pretty much the way I would look at it."

Anfield Watch Verdict

If we are being honest, there is a clear gulf in class between the two sides. Celtic would certainly give Liverpool a much better contest, as they are simply a better side than Rangers.

The Reds will face Rangers at the Ibrox Stadium on the 12th of October. Despite the fact that Liverpool are a better team than the Glasgow-based club, the fixture away from home will be a challenge for the Reds.

The Ibrox stadium will be bouncing. The Liverpool players will have to ignore the external noise and focus on what they can control.

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