"I messaged" - Jurgen Klopp praises Rhys Williams and Nat Phillips

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he messaged Rhys Williams and Nat Phillips after making the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Speaking about last season's centre-back pairing, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Klopp said that his side wouldn't be in the position they are in without Williams and Phillips.

Both players helped the Reds secure a top four finish (Champions League qualification) last season.

"I messaged Rhys Williams and Nat Phillips - we wouldn't be there without them. I remember the final game of last season and they left the pitch with a bandage around the head, cuts on their faces, and that was really a symbol for the whole period," the German said.

"Hopefully nobody forgot how hard we fought to get here. We felt it mentally. We had no centre-halves, had to play midfielders in the last line, then had to use other players in midfield and nothing worked really.

"In the end, we played with two incredible players - Rhys and Nat - but we couldn't use them earlier because they needed time to adapt. So, yes there was a bit of a point to prove and I'm really happy that the boys did that."


Anfield Watch Verdict

What Williams and Phillips did for Liverpool last season was nothing short of a miracle. They are both good defenders but their efforts to guide the Reds to a Champions League place were amazing.

Currently, you have the likes of Ben White (£52m), Cristian Romero (£46m) and Raphael Varane (£36m) all struggling to secure a top four place with their respective sides.

Phillips helped guide Bournemouth back to the Premier League this season while Williams spent half a season on loan with Swansea before returning to the AXA Training Centre.

The pair are definitely good enough to be Premier League defenders and their time with Liverpool last season proved that.

Unfortunately, the club's current crop of centre-backs are world-class and there is no space for either of them in our squad.

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