"I love the song" - Jurgen Klopp gives his verdict on his new chant

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he loves his new song.

The chant has been sung on the Kop for a few weeks now and there is no denying that it is quite catchy. You can listen to the song, which is to the tune of 'I Feel Fine' from the Beatles, in the footage below.

Lyrics: "Jurgen said to me you know,

"We’ll win the Premier League you know,

"He said so,

"I’m in love with him and I feel fine…

I’m so glad, that Jurgen is a Red, I’m so glad, he delivered what he said."

Klopp was recently asked a question about the chant and he had the following to say.

"I love the song but I still struggle that it's for me," the German told the club's official website, as quoted by Anfield Watch on Twitter.

"I am not the main man, the players play, if you sing all the time my name, I don't play. But I love the song, I'm very, very, very thankful. It's all fine.

"Now I hope in the future there will come up other songs, new songs and then we mix it up a little bit more. Usually I don't hear the songs really. But with this one it's different, I hear it all the time, it's really in my ear. But whoever wrote it, thank you very much."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Klopp has been a terrific servant for Liverpool. The Reds have won five major trophies under the guidance of the 54-year-old.

Therefore, Klopp certainly deserves a song at the very least. We do love how humble the German is.

Klopp says he is not the main man. But, the reality is, he is. Without him at the helm, Liverpool would not have enjoyed so much success in recent times.

The manager oversees everything at a football club, which does make him the main man.

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