"I love my life at Liverpool" - Alisson talks about playing for the Reds & Jurgen Klopp

In a recent interview, Liverpool's goalkeeper Alisson has spoken about his life since joining Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp.

Speaking to Liverpool FC, as cited by Anfield Watch, Alisson has talked about his relationship with Reds manager Klopp and how much he loves his life at Liverpool.

"Here at Liverpool is the place that I feel most comfortable because the players really want me to be an extra player on the pitch," said Alisson.

"I think the big thing is having confidence. You get confidence from doing things, from playing. You need to have a team which likes to play with the keeper as well and you need to have a manager who gives you the freedom to play because you can be good [for the team]."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Alisson's love of Liverpool is easy to see. His family have also expressed how much they enjoy living in Merseyside and being a part of the club.

One man who Alisson seems to be very close to is his manager, Klopp. In the same interview, as cited by Anfield Watch, the Brazilian said that the German is like a father to him.

"It is a really good relationship. He’s like a father to me. When I spoke with him for the first time on FaceTime, he just answered the call and started to smile, I started to smile and we could already see that we would have a connection.

"I think I have some feelings about life and how life works which are similar to him.

"I love my life here at Liverpool. I really like the way he [Klopp] works and the way he makes the team feel comfortable and at the same time puts pressure on us. He’s a guy who is always happy, but when you go onto the pitch it’s hard work, serious work and he’s a top manager.

"So all those things contribute to a good relationship. I really love to be here and working with him."

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