“I don’t think it’s about money" - Roy Keane on Mohamed Salah's contract situation

Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane has weighed in on Mohamed Salah's contract situation.

It has been reported that the Liverpool winger, who's current deal expires in the summer of 2023, wants more money than what the club are prepared to pay him.

However, Keane believes that Salah might not be entirely concerned about the funds.

“I don’t think it’s about money,” the Irishman told Sky Sports (02:17).

“It might be about a new experience. I’ve got no doubt that he’s happy but this idea that it’s just about money, I’d say it’s far from it.

"He’s been abroad before, I don’t think it will be about the money, it’s just what he fancies. Spain would certainly be an option for him, no doubt."

Anfield Watch Verdict

At the end of the day, only Salah knows what he wants. It is a well known fact that the Egyptian international is one of the best winger's in the world.

So, Salah deserves to be paid accordingly. All the reports do highlight that the 29-year-old has not not been able to reach new terms with Liverpool because of money.

Therefore, we don't agree with Keane's aforementioned comments. It is difficult to see Salah wanting to leave Anfield to simply try a new challenge.

He is playing for a world-class football club and the supporters love him. Why would you throw that away?

Salah will still get a solid payday with Liverpool even if he does compromise on his current demands. The Reds are a huge club, so they aren't short of money.

If Salah departed Anfield, he could potentially damage his Liverpool legacy.

But, only time will tell where his long-term future lies. Hopefully it is with the Reds.

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