"I couldn't care less" - Jurgen Klopp on doing a trophy parade for the FA Cup & EFL Cup

Jurgen Klopp has defended Liverpool doing a trophy parade even if his side just win the FA Cup and EFL Cup.

Speaking ahead of the final day of the season, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, the Liverpool boss said that even if the Reds don't win the Premier League or Champions League, there is still a lot to celebrate.

"I have so many reasons to celebrate," Klopp said. "We don't know how many reasons but we have enough already. The Carabao Cup and the FA Cup. I think it's enough to celebrate life. It's about what we want to celebrate.

"It is just for us. It is just for Liverpool FC. It is for the people. I couldn't care less what other people say. It is just for us.

"We have so many reasons to celebrate. We didn't have the parade two years ago, which is another reason. It's not about what other people think - I know what they will say and I couldn't care less - it's just for us, for the people.

"May 29th will be a great day."


Anfield Watch Verdict

Even if we don't win the Champions League or Premier League, having a trophy celebration will be good for the players and fans. Sign-up to Winnersbet using the code NEWBONUS to claim a free bet.

It'll show the connection between the two parties. If we do win a treble or quadruple then the parade will be one of the biggest ever celebrations in English football history.

If we only walk away with a double then the party will surely lift the players and show them that they can go again next season with the entire fanbase behind them.

The fact that some people are saying that they shouldn't do it just for the FA Cup and EFL Cup makes no sense.

Both of those trophies are major competitions and we hadn't won either in over 10 years. That is more than enough to do a trophy parade in my opinion.

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