"I absolutely love this competition" - Jurgen Klopp on the importance of the FA Cup

Jurgen Klopp has explained why the FA Cup is important to him and the Liverpool fans.

Speaking before Saturday's FA Cup final against Chelsea, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Klopp said that despite previous results in this competition, he loves the tournament and understands why supporters want to win it every year.

"To avoid any doubt, I absolutely love this competition," said Klopp. "I recognise its importance in our club’s own history and how much it means to our supporters.

"And at the beginning of the season, I’m desperate for us to give all we have to try and be in the final come May, with a chance of winning it.

"This season, we have achieved the first part of that aim. We are here today. In the final! Really cool. Finals are great.

"Up until this season, Liverpool’s record in the tournament since my arrival has not been a reason for big parties I would admit. There have been mitigating circumstances for that, given the focus we have required to re-establish our club during that period."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Liverpool have won the joint fourth most FA Cups in the history of the competition. They are currently on seven FA Cup wins, which is the same as Aston Villa. The Reds will be looking to join Tottenham and Chelsea who have won eight, the joint third-most in the history of the competition.

Arsenal sit first with an astounding 14 FA Cup trophies, whilst Manchester United are second, with 12 wins in the competition.

It'll take a few years for Klopp's side to even think about winning that many but due to how we have improved our squad depth recently, we should be aiming to reach the final every year now.

A lot of our supporters are glad that Klopp and his side are taking domestic competitions seriously now. They're a big part of our history and winning them is always special.

Hopefully we can add another trophy to our tally on Saturday after we take on Chelsea!

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