How to Build the Ideal Instagram Profile for Your Company

In recent years, social media profiles of companies and businesses have become an integral part of their success. If you only have your official website and maybe a business blog, then you are far behind your competitors.

The competition on social platforms is incredibly high. For example, if you want to promote your exotic car rental, you will find that there are already a lot of such companies. Until recently, this was out of the ordinary, but now in various parts of the world, car rentals offer a huge variety of vehicles for rent, including sports cars and supercars. However, with the help of your Instagram profile, you can earn attention for your car rental among a huge audience of users.

The content you post will play a huge role in your success. However, if you want to get it right from the start, then you should make sure that your profile looks solid to people who decide to follow you.

Business profile tips

Go public

One detail in your account settings can ruin your business promotion. Before proceeding to the other steps of the setup, you should make sure that your profile is not set to private. Any further actions you take, such as using hashtags, and mentioning other brands and users, will be unsuccessful if you do not have a public profile.

Creative yet simple username

A lot depends on what business name you decided to choose at the very beginning when you created your company. Some businesses want to stand out and decide to come up with a username other than the company name. This could be your failure. If you already have a loyal customer base, it will be difficult for them to find your social profiles.

It is best to use your company name. If it's already taken on the platform, then add some extra characters. However, make sure that it will be easy for your potential followers to find you.

You can take a cue from the following brands that do a great job:

  • Bare Minerals (@bareminerals);
  • EOS (@eosproducts);
  • Ben & Jerry’s (@benandjerrys);
  • ALMOST VERIFIED™ (@almost.verified).

You can see that if the aforementioned brands were to come up with a puzzle, it would be much harder for users to find them on the social platform. By visiting their accounts, you can also pay attention to their strategy for the content of publications and the visual design of the profile.

Recognizable profile photo

This is another criterion that will influence your recognition on this social platform. The name and photo are how users will be able to make sure they are going in the right direction. Don't get too creative in this regard. Your best bet is to make a concise image that can reflect your business name or your logo if you have one. Also, make sure the image is light and bright.

Nice bio

You won't get a chance to tell comprehensive information about your business, all its advantages and uniqueness. For example, if you offer people to exotic car rental, you will not be able to tell why your rental is better than any other.

You get a limited number of characters that you need to use correctly. The most important thing you need to include in your bio is the following:

  • Laconic info about your business;
  • Call to action;
  • Link to the official website, new product, business blog, etc.

Users need to get a reason to follow you and keep following your posts.

Here are some great examples to inspire you:

  • Bolden USA

“Skincare backed by science for melanin-rich skin."

  • Haus

“A better way to drink. Refreshing flavors from real ingredients."

  • Tiffany & Co

“Expertly crafting jewelry for the world’s greatest love stories since 1837."

  • Glossier

“Glossier Inc. is a people-powered beauty ecosystem ✨ Skin first, makeup second 😀👋”

  • Jinx

🐾 "A dog wellness company run by dog people." 🐾

🥩🍠🥕 "Premium proteins, powerful superfoods.” 🥩🍠🥕

  • Modscape

“Better design. Better building. Better environments. Explore our modular projects, architecture, innovation and sustainability inspiration."

You can see how even the most popular brands in a small number of characters were able to fit the most valuable and important information that they wanted to convey to their followers. You should also understand the main idea of your business and fit it into a few sentences.

Stay tuned for notifications

Since this is a communication platform, then you should use your profile not only to periodically post and forget about your account until a new post. Here you can communicate with your customers, potential buyers, as well as other businesses and brands.

Maintaining communication on Instagram is extremely important. If your notifications are turned off, you will have no idea that you are mentioned, and that someone wants to communicate with you. Business responsiveness is an important criterion for success.

Make time for content

The best strategy is to make your feed look uniform. Also offer value to users. For example, tell your followers about where to park a rental car in Dubai, what sneakers will be trending in summer 2023, what moisturizer to choose for different skin types, and so on.

Using the example of the Privacy Please brand, you can see incredible photos where branded clothing looks incredibly attractive. Every girl wants to look exactly like the models in the photos. In addition, not a single post is knocked out of the general row. All images are made in the same style using similar filters.

Sephora offers subscribers not only to follow the release of high-quality beauty products but also offers them useful content. They acquaint followers, predominantly female audience, with the latest trends in the field of makeup and facial care. In their feed, you can see all sorts of brow care tips, how to use highlighting tools, and more. Subscribers are interested in this, so they are waiting for each new post.


By doing these simple steps, you will start making your loyal customers and new customers want to follow you on Instagram. Make your profile accessible and understandable to other users. Be open to communication with users as well as other brands. In addition, do not forget to enrich your account with fresh and useful posts that will help your business grow. This way you will be able to get a lot of loyal followers and customers.

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