How Liverpool rank in the Europa League so far

Here's how Liverpool rank statistically in the 2023/24 Europa League. The Reds are up there with the very best.

Liverpool are one of the major favourites to win the Europa League as they enjoy their first campaign in the competition since 2015/16. But just how are they doing?

We've had a look at the stats to see just how they're doing - and unsurprisingly, Liverpool are performing as one of the best teams in the competition. Only Bayer Leverkusen really rival them in the data.

Goals per match is a pretty basic stat but it's one that says a lot - who's managing to score. Leverkusen to top the charts there with 3.8 goals per game but Liverpool sit behind them in second. The Reds have 3.3 goals across their opening fixtures.

And it's a very similar story across all goalscoring stats. Liverpool sit joint first with Leverkusen and Marseilles on shots on target per match (eight), and second behind the Germans for big chances (12 to 11).

But on expected goals, Liverpool are at the very top. Their chances were expected to bring about 8.2 goals, with Atalanta the next highest (7.8). Interestingly, Leverkusen are third on 7.2 - suggesting they've had a little more luck than Liverpool with finding the net.

The Reds also top the average possession charts. They've had 67.6 per cent of the ball in their three matches, with Brighton's 64.4 per cent good enough for second place. Then comes Leverkusen, of course, who have had 60.1 per cent of the ball.

Strangely, you can flip that three when counting the average number of accurate passes per game. Leverkusen top that metric, Brighton second, Liverpool third. It suggests Xabi Alonso's side attempt a lot more passes than the others, given they're completing more but not enjoying as much possession as the English sides.

All in all, Liverpool are where you'd expect. They're playing as one of the absolute best sides in the competition - arguably the outright best. They certainly have an early rival in Leverkusen, though. Perhaps we'll get to see that meeting down the line.

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