"Historic" - Pep Lijnders on Liverpool's 5-0 victory over Man United last season

Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders has given his verdict on the club's huge victory over Manchester United last season.

The Red Devils welcomed the Reds to Old Trafford back in October 2021. Jurgen Klopp's side defeated Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team 5-0.

Lijnders has recently provided an insight into the events that took place before, during and after the match.

As quoted by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, he wrote the following in his new book 'Intensity': "You Scouse b******s, the fans chanted at us as we arrived at the stadium. I thought to myself: but we’ll leave here as Scouse winners today. And so it proved.

β€œ5-0 on a historic occasion for us at United. A dark day for them, another three points for us. I was lost for words, to be honest. We wanted to write our own history, Jurgen said after the game, and we did. This one definitely went into the history books.

β€œWhen we practised our finishing two days before the game, this was exactly what you wanted to see, low in the corners with speed. Searching for clinical, quick finishes, always ready for the rebound. Our front three were like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park.

"Making it 4-0 just before half-time was a game-decider. At half-time Jurgen literally said, 'What do you guys want? In five years we will discuss how this could have happened, or that they have to discuss how this could have happened'.

"All the boys understood what he was saying: we needed to improve in the second half! We showed images where we played well, insisted in our plan to find the centre and speed up with movements and options everywhere."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Watching Liverpool defeat a fierce rival 5-0 away from home was special. It is highly unlikely that we will ever see the Reds secure such a comfortable victory against Manchester United ever again.

Derby games tend to be tight, as neither side wants to lose. But, Liverpool were a level above Manchester United back when they met in October.

The Reds ended up finishing 34 points ahead of the Red Devils in the Premier League last season. There is a serious gulf in class between the two sides at the moment. Hopefully the margin only increases across the next 10 months.

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