"Highest level" - Thomas Tuchel on facing Liverpool in the FA Cup final

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has spoken about Saturday's game against Liverpool in the FA Cup final.

Speaking ahead of Saturday's FA Cup final, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Tuchel talked about how he is expecting another close game against Liverpool and Chelsea.

"We are in the final, against one of the best opponents we could possibly face, and we are incredibly excited to get out there and play on this fantastic stage," said Tuchel.

"When you play against Liverpool, you know what’s coming – they will come at you at full speed, with high intensity and the highest quality, both on the ball and off the ball. So this is it, this is what we have to expect.

"We can reflect on good games against them this season. The League Cup final at Wembley was a fantastic game for both teams and we needed 22 penalties to find a winner.

"The home match against them in the league was a great match, when we came back to draw 2-2, and the 1-1 draw earlier in the season, at Anfield, was also a brilliant game. So there is a record of very, very close games between these two sides.

"That should give us courage and also give us a clear picture of what is needed, physically, mentally, in every sense, to win today. To say it out loud – we need everything to be at its highest level."

Anfield Watch Verdict

If we're basing it off recent form, this game should be a formality for Jurgen Klopp's side.

Chelsea have only won two of their last six games. Some of the sides they failed to beat include relegation-threatened Everton and the worst Manchester United side ever.

Meanwhile, the only teams Liverpool have dropped points against in the last 16 Premier League games are Manchester City and Tottenham.

Tuchel will be aware of this and his team seemingly have a mountain to climb ahead of Saturday's final.

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