'He is a mixture of Ronaldo and Messi' - Arsene Wenger on Mohamed Salah

Liverpool are currently in a contract negotiation battle with Mohamed Salah but former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes the Reds should give the Egyptian what he is asking for.

With the recent news that Liverpool have not talked to Mo Salah's team about his contract since December, this has raised a lot of questions in the footballing world.

The main one is, should Liverpool break their wage structure and give Salah the reported £400k p/w he is asking for?

Speaking to Bein Sports, as cited by Anfield Watch, former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said why Liverpool should give Salah the money he is asking for.

"£400,000-a-week? Look, every situation is different and separate. You have to look at the medical record of the player. Never misses a game. You would do it," said Arsene.

“It depends as well on the physical qualities. If he’s quick, very quick, and he loses a bit, then he is still quick. If he’s already limited and slow, then you wouldn’t do it.


“Mo Salah, you would do it. He is a mixture of Ronaldo and Messi. He can run with the ball and give the final ball. I think he has improved a lot in giving the final ball.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

What Wenger has said isn't wrong. Salah is never injured and he is one of the best players in world football at the moment.

However, Liverpool are not like other football clubs when it comes to giving players ridiculous wages.

We have seen with Gini Wijnaldum that the club will not give in to the crazy wage demands that some players are asking for.

Saying that, Wijnaldum and Salah are very very different cases. Gini was easily replaced while replacing Salah would be a detrimental loss to Jurgen Klopp's team.

Hopefully, the two parties can meet somewhere in the middle and Salah can continue the rest of his career at Anfield!

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