"He didn't believe me" - Fabinho on his Panenka penalty against Chelsea

Fabinho has spoken about his Panenka penalty against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup final.

Liverpool's penalty shootout against Chelsea in the League Cup final will go down in history for many reasons.

One of them will be for Fabinho's very cheeky penalty against Kepa Arrizabalaga.

The Brazilian stepped up to take Liverpool's second penalty of the shootout and without warning, he did a Panenka penalty.

Even though it was risky, it produced a moment that a lot of Liverpool fans will remember forever.

Speaking at the pre-Inter Milan press conference, as cited by Anfield Watch, the Brazilian spoke about how he planned it with Luis Diaz before the final.

"The day before, I tried to do a Panenka and it was just me and Luis Diaz without a keeper, and I told him that if it went to penalties, I'd do it. He didn't believe me!" said Fabinho.

"When you take a penalty like this you have to know that if you miss, you can't go into the dressing room after the game as everybody will kill you!"

Anfield Watch Verdict

What a moment Fainho's penalty was, coolness personified. The confidence you must have to do that in a final is immense.

As Fabinho said, if you miss it then you will never live it down. Luckily, the Brazilian fooled Kepa and it has become a very memorable moment for a lot of people.

The story behind the penalty makes it even better. This wasn't just a spare of the moment thought by Fab, it was a pre-mediated decision before the Reds even kicked a ball in the Carabao Cup final.

If Liverpool do reach another penalty shootout then the goalkeepers may be expecting it from the Brazilian, so it might be worth not trying to replicate it again Fabinho!

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