"He always invites me" - Former Man City star claims Klopp always wants to meet

Former midfield star Yaya Toure has revealed that he is reasonably close with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

The German never managed the 38-year-old. Despite that being the case, Toure said that he occasionally texts Klopp after a Reds win.

Toure further added that the Liverpool boss always responds and regularly asks the former Manchester City midfielder if he wants to catch up.

Toure told The Times the following: “Liverpool are so, so strong. Klopp, when he wins games, I text him and he is delighted and he always invites me (to meet him) and texts me back. Does this guy rest? I don’t think so, he loves football. He’s a top, top, guy.”

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Klopp is a very good person, so it does not remotely surprise us that he is prepared to make time for someone outside his football bubble.

On another note, we would have loved to have seen Toure play under Klopp at Liverpool. As we have already stated, Toure was an exceptional footballer.

The 38-year-old scored 79 goals and registered 49 assists in 316 appearances for Manchester City's first-team.

Toure probably could have gone to another level under Klopp. The German has a track record of improving players.

Roberto Firmino is one of those players that has raised his game under Klopp.

“I think I improved a lot in every way: physically, tactically, mentally, I learned a bit of every aspect," the Liverpool forward said, as quoted by Planet Football.

“I am never tired of praising Klopp. He has so many good things on and off the pitch. He really helps us on a daily basis, we learn so much from him in every way.”

But, football is all about timing. Toure playing under Klopp at Liverpool just wasn't meant to be.

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