Harvey Elliott was 'over the moon' after Jurgen Klopp gesture

Harvey Elliott has shared how he ended up with a medal after Liverpool's Premier League title win back in 2020.

Harvey Elliott joined Liverpool in 2019 as one of the brightest young prospects in English football. He couldn't have imagined he'd end up with a Premier League title medal just one year later, though.

However, technically, he shouldn't have got one. Rules state that players must have featured in at least five matches in order to qualify for a medal. Elliott only had three under his belt by the time Liverpool lifted the title that season.

Jurgen Klopp had apparently promised to get him one regardless and it's a promise he kept during the Reds' celebrations. Elliott, talking with the Liverpool Echo, explained what happened that night.

"I am not sure if it was [Klopp's] medal, it could have been his but I got one at the end of the day, I walked into the changing room after the parade and the presentations and they gave it to me then," said Elliott.

"I mean I can't really describe how I felt I was just over the moon and sending pictures to my mum and dad [saying]: 'I've got a medal! I've got a medal!'

"And they were in the ground as well, so I was able to go up and show them and have a bit of a celebration with them. It was just, you know, a great feeling."

You can clearly see that it still means a lot to Elliott that Klopp and the club did that. They really didn't have to for a young player who'd only been around the place for a year.

But they went to the effort regardless and gave a young player an immediate memory for life. It's one that Elliott still holds dear - even if he'll be eager to earn himself a medal for real as soon as possible.

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