Harvey Elliott boasts incredible 2023 stats; 2024 could be star-making

Harvey Elliott boasts some incredible stats over 2023. 2024 could well be a star-making year for the Liverpool midfielder.

Every Liverpool fan would agree that Harvey Elliott has been great this season. He's contributed to some key wins, is one of the most creative players at the club and the Reds look dangerous with him on the pitch.

At the same time, he's barely played. Elliott has two Premier League starts this season, even if he technically has 16 appearances. Add up all of his minutes and he's played the equivalent of 4.6 90s.

But what Elliott has done in those 4.6 90s is fantastic. He averages the most passes into the penalty area per 90 minutes of any Premier League player. He's top 3 for carries into the final third. The 20-year-old is 6th at Liverpool for shot-creating actions, too - he's brilliant at making things tick over.

And that's all just this season. When you compare Elliott to other midfielders across Europe in 2023, his data looks stellar.

Elliott finishes 2023 in the 99th percentile for midfielders in Europe's top 5 leagues for completed passes into the penalty area and the number of shots he takes. He's 98th percentile for receiving progressive passes, creating shots with a pass, and touches in the attacking third.

The midfielder in 97th percentile for shots on target and expected assists. 96th for progressive carries, 95th for touches in the box and carries into the final third!

Of course, these stats are cherry-picked - we're essentially just showing you what Elliott is good at - but no one can look at these are deny that they're essentially the building blocks of an attacking midfielder.

Elliott is great at both passing and moving with the ball. He's great at getting it into the box, getting shots off, and is consistently involved in buildup when he's on the pitch. What more can you want from a 20-year-old?

In total, this data covers 1722 minutes in 2023 from Elliott - or the equivalent of about 19 full matches. It is in fact a big enough sample size to say these are the things that Elliott is good at. And this is with Liverpool literally holding him back.

Of course, we mean that in the best way but Jurgen Klopp has unquestionably held Elliott in reserve more often than not. 2024, though, and the absence of Mo Salah, could see his minutes rise quite dramatically.

And if they do - and he's still sitting at the same level in these key stats - then 2024 will be a star-making year for Elliott. He's capable of consistently doing incredibly difficult things like remarkably few players can. The moment Liverpool truly unleash him, we could be looking at a superstar.

All data from FBref.

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