"Greediest player I've ever seen" - Liverpool legend gives harsh Mohamed Salah verdict

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has called Mohamed Salah the 'greediest player' he's ever seen.

Speaking after Liverpool beat Manchester United 4-0, as cited by Football Daily's Twitter account, the former Liverpool player and manager called Mo Salah greedy.

"He's the greediest player I've ever seen," said Souness. "He is. I mean he's a great player but I have to say he's the greediest player I've ever seen.

"He’s a truly great player, he had the incident with Sadio Mane a couple of years ago where he [Mane] fell out with Salah because he didn’t pass to him. But him not scoring for six games, a minor blip."

Anfield Watch Verdict

I'm not too sure what game Graeme Souness watched yesterday. I watched a game where Mo Salah was key in our link-up play, resulting in him getting an assist.

This might've been a valid opinion to have when Mo first joined Liverpool but currently, the Egyptian has the most assists in the Premier League this season with 12.

Regarding the 'spat' with Mane a few seasons ago, Jurgen Klopp has addressed this multiple times since and he said it never affected their relationship.

Speaking after the Manchester United game, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Salah talked about how he, Sadio and Roberto Firmino have built up a great relationship over the past five years.

"We all play very well in the front three, when Bobby comes in also he plays very well. We just try to adapt to each other in training. We know each other more now; me and Sadio and Bobby especially because we played four or five years together.

"I think all of us adapt and play for each other. Me, Sadio and Bobby have played together for a long time now. Everyone is playing a good game - we are winning games and that is the most important thing."

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