Greame Souness rips into Manchester United VAR call that could affect Liverpool clash

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness believes Manchester United midfielder Marcel Sabitzer should have been sent off against Leicester City for a rash challenge on Wout Faes in their 3-0 win Premier League victory. 

The ex-Liverpool boss believes Sabitzer, who joined the Red Devils on loan from Bayern Munich on deadline day, was lucky to stay on the pitch after a dangerous challenge on the central defender.

Speaking to Sky Sports, as cited by Liverpool Echo, Souness indicated that Sabizter should have been sent off '100 percent,' which would have led to the midfielder picking up a three-match ban and missing the Premier League clash against Liverpool.

"100 percent, I think this is a red card for several reasons."

"For a start, he’s partly to blame because he’s on his heels, Faes, when this ball breaks from him not being alive to it, but that, Sabitzer has turned side-on to him, and that’s a classic case of if you’re going to go and do someone, that’s how you do it.

"You turn side-on. If he makes contact with the ball, what’s he going to do with the ball? He’s looking at the player. I don’t care what some referee who’s never played the game has to say on that, that is a sending-off. If that’s not dangerous play, what is?

"Ask any professional footballer, he’s turned side-on, that’s a classic case of setting yourself up to do someone.


Sabitzer was indeed lucky to stay on the pitch against Leicester City as his challenge on Faes was cynical, to say the least. Speaking after the game, Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers also shared the same sentiment, as the ex-Liverpool boss admitted that it was a red card offence from the Austrian midfielder.

If justice prevailed on the day, Sabizter would've received his marching orders against the Foxes, which would have in turn led to his suspension against Liverpool when the two sides meet next month. However, he stayed on the pitch and played his part in Manchester United's 3-0 win as the Red Devils continue to go from strength to strength under Erik ten Hag. With or without the Bayern Munich loanee, the game against Manchester United will be an incredibly hard game for Liverpool and one they must win if they are to keep their hopes of a top-four finish alive.

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