"Good win for Liverpool" - Robbie Fowler on Liverpool's transfer window so far

Robbie Fowler has said that Liverpool have been planning for the 2022 summer transfer window for years.

The former Reds forward believes that selling Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich and replacing him with Darwin Nunez is good business.

"What impresses me about the thinking at Anfield, is nothing is done in haste. Everything is analysed, decisions are made with planning over years, not months," Fowler told The Mirror.

"There was clearly a calculation they could get Mane and (Mohamed) Salah to play this season without agreeing new contracts and NOT down tools. It worked, it has been one of their best-ever seasons.

"But there have been calculations. If they give Mane the money they have to give it to Salah, and then (Virgil) van Dijk and Alisson and everyone else too.

"You can see the thinking with Darwin Nunez. Mane is 30, he’s 22. Selling Mane could raise around £40 million, and Nunez cost £80 million. BUT. And this is a significant but.

"He’ll most likely be on less than half the wages Mane was asking for. Which over the course of a five-year contract could save them ALL of that extra £40 million. On top of that, it doesn’t break the wage structure.

"Looking at it that way, replacing a 30-year-old with a 22-year-old whilst keeping your financial house in order is a bloody good win for Liverpool…and it’s something (Manchester) United must follow."


Anfield Watch Verdict

Selling Mane is not an decision but I honestly believe that in the long run it will be the correct call.

There have been reports that the winger was asking for £400k per week to renew his contract with the Reds.

Rightfully, Liverpool weren't willing to pay that and he has now reportedly agreed a deal with Bayern Munich. He will be paid £360k per week with the German Champions.

With Nunez apparently coming in on £140k per week, according to The Times' Paul Joyce, Mane shouldn't be too big of a loss.

In my opinion, we need to deploy the same tactics with Salah. If he isn't willing to accept a reasonable offer then just replace him with someone younger and hungrier.

Will we do that? Who knows. However, the Reds have shown that they can do it, which will definitely worry Salah and his agent.

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