"Go and get Jude Bellingham" - Pundit urges Liverpool to fix midfield issue

Former Premier League forward Gabby Agbonlahor thinks that Liverpool need to sign one player to fix their midfield problem.

With the Reds still not signing a midfielder this summer, there have been calls for Jurgen Klopp to play Trent Alexander-Arnold in the centre of the park.

However, Agbonlahor believes that playing the 23-year-old out of position is not the solution.

“Yes, he has the attributes, the passing but there is still more that is needed in midfield. The running with the ball, the tight spaces that he’s probably not used to as much at right-back," he told Football Insider.

“I think it’s a lot to ask for him to fill that role. Other teams are having to strengthen that area and Liverpool have to.

“It hasn’t worked with Naby Keita and I don’t think Alexander-Arnold is the right option.

“I think they need to go and get (Jude) Bellingham, I know it will be difficult to do that this year but if that’s the player they want I can understand them waiting a year.

“Liverpool won’t go and waste money on a panic signing. Keita was £50 million and it hasn’t worked. He’s not the answer, he doesn’t get enough goals or enough assists.

“If Liverpool are going to solve that midfield role then they are going to have to look at Bellingham. If he’s not available this season then wait another season because I don’t think Alexander-Arnold is the answer.”


Anfield Watch Verdict

It's not often I agree with Agbonlahor, but he is spot on here.

Klopp has previously spoken about Gareth Southgate trying to play Alexander-Arnold in midfield and he was not happy one bit.

The German basically asked the following: 'Why would you play the best right-back in the world out of position?'

It's hard to disagree with the German's blunt analysis too.

I do also agree with Agbonlahor that Bellingham is the answer. Do I think it'll happen this summer? No. Borussia Dortmund reportedly want to retain Bellingham for another season.

However, we have seen crazier things happen in the transfer market.

One thing is for certain though, Klopp will not be playing Alexander-Arnold in midfield next season.

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