"Get over" - Jamie Carragher says Liverpool need to forget about the Premier League

Jamie Carragher believes that Liverpool are too good just to win the domestic cups ahead of the Champions League final.

Speaking on Sky Sports after Manchester City won the Premier League title, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, the former Liverpool player said that Jurgen Klopp's side will need to win the European Cup if they wish to label the 2021-22 campaign a success.

"The players are bouncing back again, they have to get over the Premier League and look forward to the Champions League final now. They’ve had a brilliant season," he said.

"You want to win one of the big ones. I think this team is too good to just win the domestic cups. If you win one of the big ones, you’ve had a good season."

Anfield Watch Verdict

I agree with Carragher. This Liverpool team is far too good to just win the domestic trophies.

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool never set out to win the FA and EFL Cup. We played our reserves until the semi-finals, as we always have done under Klopp.


Thankfully, it went in our favour this season and with the number of players we had available, all of the sides we fielded were fairly strong.

However, if you would offer me just the Champions League, I'd take that every day of the week ahead of the two domestic trophies.

That's not me disrespecting the domestic trophies, but it's a reality that every single side in English football would take.

Teams such as Manchester City and Arsenal have never won the Champions League and I'm sure they'd swap a lot of the trophies they have won just to lift the biggest prize in club football.

Fortunately, we have six European Cups.

Hopefully the Reds can put the Premier League disappointment behind them and go full steam ahead against Real Madrid on Saturday to claim No.7.

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