Former Manchester United & Everton players led to Liverpool securing Diaz deal

Luis Diaz is on course to becoming a Liverpool player with the Reds moving very quickly indeed to try and get him in at the end of last week.

The player is currently on international duty but it looked as though Tottenham were going to try and sign him before the deadline.

Liverpool got wind of that, though, and pounced quickly to get him to sign with the club and now just official confirmation awaits.

Indeed, it sounds as though his Colombian compatriots helped convince him, despite their previous employees being our two biggest rivals:

Anfield Watch Verdict

Ultimately, Falcao and Rodriguez surely want what is best for one of their countrymen and it does seem that a switch to Liverpool is a good move for Diaz.

The Reds really wanted him, and it seems as though he wanted to move to our club rather than anyone else.

Hopefully, then, this move pays off.

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