Former Liverpool Striker Djibril Cissé joins Betiton

Djibril Cissé, who played striker for Liverpool between the years 2004-2007, has recently partnered up with Betiton, a young sportsbook who has been growing at an astonishing rate, to help with their branding efforts

Betiton, a relatively new face in the world of online sportsbooks, has partnered up with ex-Liverpool striker Djibril Cissé in order to strengthen their marketing strategies.

The energetic team at Betiton, who has seen extraordinary growth in only a year, firmly believes that Cissé’s addition to their team will be a very welcome push in their ambitions for further growth.

Cissé’s fiery personality and admirable tenacity to achieve his goals even in the face of extreme adversity has really blended well with Betiton’s inspiring morale and their sky-high aspirations to be nothing but the very best in the industry.

By all accounts, the partnership between Cissé and Betiton seems to be a match made in heaven.

In fact, when responding to questions about Cissé’s partnership with the fast-growing sportsbook, the CEO & co-founder of Betiton, Arnaud Serour, remarked:

“Djibril Cissé is not only a major football star who has had an incredible career playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world, he has also overcome major injury setbacks and for us is the embodiment of determination and character.

“We have been working with him daily for the last few weeks, he’s a joy to work with and develop ideas and is also a fantastic human being.”

On the other hand, when asked for a comment on his joining the Betition brand, Djibril Cissé said:

“We connected immediately with Arnaud and his team. I’ve been struck by Betiton’s motivation and vision to be a leading operator in the gaming industry.

“I am confident we will reach those goals and am really looking forward to it. Game on!”

Those of you who have been long-time fans of Liverpool will remember Djibril Cissé’s time with the Reds.

Unfortunately, Cissé’s stint with Liverpool was plagued with bad luck: after only 19 games with the club, Cissé suffered a severe injury that could have swiftly ended his career, were it not for the quick thinking of the medical team at the stadium.

However, despite the near-career-ending injury, Cissé made an unexpected comeback with the team, playing a pivotal role in Liverpool’s Champions League, Super Cup, and FA Cup victories.

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