Fluminense president goes public with exact nature of Liverpool bid for Andre

Fluminense club president Mario Bittencourt has gone public with exactly what happened when Liverpool bid for Andre in the summer. The Reds were unable to get their man.

There was a lot of talk around Liverpool wanting to sign Brazilian midfielder Andre in the summer. Reports from all over the place suggested an offer went in, with reputable sources adamant that the Reds wanted him.

Of course, this was after they'd failed to sign Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia, who both went to Chelsea. Still, Andre may have been third choice but he was still a true option for Liverpool.

Reportedly, though, he was another failure. It was said that the Reds put in their offer but Fluminense - and Andre - rejected it as they wanted to push for the Copa Libertadores.

They'd ultimately win it, by which time talk of a Liverpool transfer had died down. There really wasn't much of a suggestion that they'd sign him this month, even with the Brazilian season over.

Well, now Fluminense president Mario Bittencourt has discussed the Andre situation and confirmed that all of the above is correct. Liverpool did indeed put in a big of around £25m, were told they'd need to wait, and then seemingly lost interest.

"We had a proposal by Andre of 30 million euros from Liverpool and said 'no' because we had determined, in agreement with the player, that we would not sell the athlete because we wanted to win the Libertadores," says Bittencourt, per Globo.

"Since then, we have had a second proposal, from an English club, worth well below 30, which we refused, because we understood that it was below what Fluminense expects for the player."

That club is reportedly Fulham, with Football Transfers reporting that they had a final attempt to sign the player rejected this week. Instead, Andre will remain with Fluminense until the summer.

Will Liverpool go back in for him, though? That's the big question and, ultimately, an impossible one to answer. The Reds will have a new manager and a new sporting director for the summer - their opinions on Andre and his suitability for Liverpool will need to come.

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