Federico Chiesa on Liverpool list for major 2024 transfer

Liverpool have Federico Chiesa on their shortlist for a major transfer in 2024, according to one report. The Reds may have a big decision to make.

This comes from Calciomercato.it. They claim that Liverpool have Chiesa on their shortlist for a move in 2024.

That's because Mohamed Salah could leave Anfield, forcing Jurgen Klopp and co. to find a new right-winger. Chiesa could well be their pick - enough that Juventus are now saying he's not for sale.

This stems largely from a recent report in Football Insider that Salah has accepted already a move to Saudi Arabia. The suggestion is that the Egyptian will get his transfer next year - either in January or the summer - and that Liverpool will seek a replacement.

Our feeling is mixed on this one. Salah could leave but it's impossible to believe that things have moved since the summer to the degree where he's accepting an offer now. It makes little sense for any Saudi side to offer him that now, in fact - why not wait until January? Injuries happen, after all.

It's also still difficult to think that Liverpool would sell Salah as there's no halfway realistic fee that makes sense. Salah is thriving right now and is worth far more than what would be on offer. Surely. There is always that world-record offer that was reportedly made in the summer - perhaps that could tempt the Reds. We still doubt it's real.

The other side of this story, though, is perhaps true. Chiesa would be one of the better options out there to replace Salah and he's a player Liverpool did try to sign before his move to Juventus. It is very possible he'd be targeted should the Reds' star leave.

There's a chance, then, that they are sounding him out just in case there's movement with Salah. Even then, we'll be honest and say we'd like more reputable sources suggesting it before we get excited.

So we do think Liverpool have Chiesa on their mind, simply for safety's sake. There's a long way to go before we'd believe they're ready to move for him, though.

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