"Father figure" - Harvey Elliott talks about Jurgen Klopp

Harvey Elliott has spoken about Jurgen Klopp, saying he's the best person to be learning from at his age.

Speaking to Soccer Bible, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Elliott said that Klopp is a 'father figure' to everyone in the team.

"Jurgen’s a top manager, and it shows," said Elliott. "A top guy. He’s just someone you love to work for; someone you’d go that extra mile for. You’d run yourself into the ground for him. He has that effect on everyone.

"He’s like a father figure. Not just with me, but with everyone in the team. He doesn’t have favourites, he doesn’t have people he doesn’t like. For me personally, there’s no one there that I’d say so and so doesn’t like him because of this.

"We’re all just normal people playing football for a team we love. Everyone wants to do that, everyone wants to give 110 percent for him and his coaching team.


"For me, he’s the best person I could be learning from at my age. The opportunities and experiences he’s given me, I can’t thank him enough for them."

Anfield Watch Verdict

It's great to see Elliott talking so highly about Klopp. It's clear to see that they have a father-son relationship whenever they're pictured together.

Despite not getting the game time he would've been hoping for this season, mainly down to his injury he picked up against Leeds United, Elliott has still proven that he can be relied on when called up to the first team.

He will be hoping that next season he can contribute more to Klopp's side as it's being reported that a couple of midfielders could be making way this summer.

Whatever happens, Elliott has a very bright future at Liverpool.

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