Fan groups have started a movement that could RUIN FSG plans

Just when FSG are looking to get into multi-club ownership, the idea is facing incredible opposition across world football.

It's now known that FSG want to invest in multi-club ownership. That's part of the plan in bringing Michael Edwards into the fold - he's not at Liverpool, after all, but overseeing the entirety of their football project.

That project will bring more clubs under the FSG umbrella in what is becoming an increasingly larger part of football. But is it one that faces a grim future?

777 Partners have been in the news recently thanks to their terrible attempt at acquiring Everton. It's been apparent for some time, in all truth, that they lack the funds and aren't equipped to invest in a Premier League football team.

They do own clubs across the world, though. As you'd expect, it's proving to be an absolute disaster and fan groups of those respective clubs have now banded together in opposition.

More than that, they want a global push-back against mult-club ownership as a whole. Journalist Philippe Auclair posted their statement on Twitter/X.

"The curse [of multi-club ownership] must be fought by fans the world over," they say.

Multi-club fight-back

This isn't the only push-back by fans of clubs under multi-club ownership, either. City Group, the owners of Manchester City, have faced numerous troubles in recent weeks.

There are financial troubles in Girona and vocal protests in Troyes. Fans of the French side saw a game abandoned (one that saw them relegated) for crowd trouble as they ironically sang 'Merci City'.

FSG certainly need to be careful, then, as multi-club projects aren't looking too hot right now. In fact, we're on the brink of seeing a unified push-back against them by such clubs.

FSG are unlikely to be put off by it all but they may be about to drag Liverpool into a volatile world.

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