Famous Liverpool Players Often Seen in Casinos and Gambling

It is often said that football connects people all over the world. Regardless of their differences and social status people universally share a love for this sport. The same can be said for gambling. It is a very common hobby in all parts of the world, and lots of athletes and celebrities enjoy casino games or placing bets.

It’s also very safe and convenient to gamble online, in countries like Canada. Players can read interac casino review to find the best sites that can accommodate this payment method. Given the abundance of options, it’s significantly cheaper to play online, thanks to bonuses. However, many players want the whole package when it comes to a casino experience, and celebrities can easily afford it. So, it’s not a surprise that some Liverpool players frequently gamble in luxurious gambling hubs. Let’s see who some of these top Liverpool athletes are that love high-stakes games.

Dietmar Hamann

Let’s first point out that many players are secretive with their gambling habits, especially if they are in the public eye. Even if they are not public figures, people are still cautious and mindful of their privacy. They are also careful when it comes to sensitive information like payments and credit card numbers. You can check apple pay casinos and find out where this banking option is available. Apple Pay is one of the most secure transfer methods as your information is never shared with the operator.

The reason why secrecy is an important factor is that we often find out about celebrity’s gambling habits once they are ready to talk about it. Many come out in their autobiographies just like Dietmar Hamman did in the book “The Didi Man.”  He stated that he lost over £250,000 on a single bet, and that was more than he could afford. This is why all casinos and sportsbooks really urge players to gamble responsibly.

Dominic Matteo

Dominic spent almost 20 years as a Liverpool player, and during his hay days, he had a strong passion for gambling. However, the public wasn’t aware of his favourite hobby. Matteo wasn’t actually proud of this habit, and not even his family members were aware that he was a gambler.

He wasn’t exactly a responsible player, and he was ashamed and tried to hide his losses. Back in 2015, he lost almost all of his money and declared bankruptcy. In his book, he opened up and admitted he was over £1,000,000 in debt due to gambling. Nowadays, he strongly advocates for responsible gambling and minimal bets.

Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge

A lot of people who gamble love to find exploits and cheat the system. Some of these exploits are technically legal, like card counting in blackjack, and arbitrage betting. That being said, insider bets are definitely illegal and Daniel ended up breaching these rules. He actually instructed his brother to place a transfer bet on both Sevilla and AC Milan.

Once the investigation determined that Daniel shared insider information, he was suspended for six weeks. He was also fined £75,000. However, the commission determined this punishment was too lenient. So, they increased the ban until July 2020 and doubled the fine.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney isn’t technically a Liverpool player, but he is a player from Liverpool. Manchester fans know very well that Wayne is a passionate poker player. He actually got into gambling when he was 18. The contract he had with Manchester United was very lucrative for him at that time, as he had a weekly salary of over £50,000. So, it’s not hard to imagine that someone with that capital can get reckless with his spending.

According to some reports, back in 2008, Rooney lost over £60,000 in the game of poker. Another more recent story is from 2017. Reportedly, Rooney lost half a million pounds in under 2 hours, by playing blackjack and roulette. This isn’t too uncommon in the gambling world. After all, many players regret chasing their losses and falling to common gamblers’ fallacies.

In fact, there is a strategy that roulette players use in order to negate their losing spins. Basically, they double the stake after a losing bet. This way whenever they win, all of the money they lost is automatically recovered. However, if you are on an unlucky streak and lose 6 or 7 times in a row, then you can easily end up penniless.


Hopefully, you learned something new and interesting about your favourite players. As you can see, all of these are cautionary tales of how reckless gambling can turn into a problem, even if you are well-off. So, always play responsibly, and keep your expenses at a minimum. At least that is very easy today, when you are using available bonuses and promotions.

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