Family reacts after pundit says Koumas and Danns 'already surpassed dads'

Liverpool's latest batch of academy graduates is brimming with second generation professional footballers.

The most famous of the group, Bobby Clark was raised by former Newcastle and Fulham midfielder Lee Clark, who made over 100 appearances for both clubs in the Premier League.

Clark isn't the only Reds prospect with the Premier League in his blood, though - Lewis Koumas is the son of Jason Koumas, the Wales international who spent time in the English top-flight with West Brom and Wigan Athletic.

Jayden Danns also had a successful footballing father in Neil Danns, a Football League journeyman who played over 100 games for Crystal Palace, while featuring for Guyana on the international stage.

All three have burst onto the scene in recent weeks as ones to watch, with Danns and Koumas sharing all three goals in Liverpool's 3-0 FA Cup win over Southampton last week.

Yet despite only making a handful of appearances between them, former Brighton striker Glen Murray thinks Danns and Koumas have already surpassed the achievements of their tenured fathers.

“I don’t think it’s easier [to become a footballer if your father was one]," he said on BBC's Final Score.

"I think for the two Liverpool lads, and I don’t want to sound disrespectful to their dads, but they’ve probably surpassed their dads which is a really good thing, because it must be difficult for a young man to live in his shadow."

Someone who found particular joy in this is Josh Koumas, brother of Lewis, who couldn't wait to share with his Premier League-pedigree father that he'll now forever be second fiddle to his son - at least in the eyes of Murray.

Posting on X, Josh said: "Can’t wait to tell me dad that it’s took our Lewis one game to have a better career than him, nice one Glen, he’ll be made up."

Whether Koumas Snr will find as much humour in Murray's belittling of his life's work is up for debate.

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