Exclusive: Paul Dickov on the title race, Champions League winner & Mohamed Salah contract

Former Premier League footballer Paul Dickov has spoken exclusively to Anfield Watch about the current Premier League title race, Mohamed Salah and the Champions League.

Speaking exclusively to Charlie Webb for Anfield Watch, former Manchester City, Arsenal and Scotland international player Paul Dickov talks about his former club facing off against Liverpool in the Premier League and Champions League.

Dickov also spoke to us about Mohamed Salah's contract and why the club should be giving the Egyptian whatever he demands.

Liverpool have closed the gap to Manchester City massively since January. Is the title race now in Liverpool’s hands?

"I still think it's in City's hands for me, if it was the other way around then I would be saying the same thing, but I'd rather have the points on the board," said Dickov.

"Even though Liverpool have won their game in hand, City are still top by a point.

"Everyone is speaking about this game at the Etihad in a few weeks’ time and I have to admit I'm looking forward to that one already.

"But I do think both teams will drop points between now and the end of the season. It's going to be so difficult for both teams to compete in Europe, the FA Cup and the Premier League.

"For either team to win every game is really difficult, we've seen with City the other night dropping points at Crystal Palace which could turn out to be a decent point at the end of the season.

"There are so many difficult games, that I don't believe that one game at the Etihad will define it, I think there's still a lot more twists and turns to come."

With Liverpool and Manchester City through to the Quarter-finals of the UCL, who do you think has a better chance to win it?

"They'll be two of the favourites and it's a difficult one to choose because on their day these two sides are the best teams in Europe," said Dickov.

"Over two legs I would fancy Manchester City against anybody, but I think when it comes down to the final and Liverpool are in it, then they're such a talented but difficult team to play against.

"You've got to look at Bayern Munich as well and I wouldn't rule out Real Madrid after that performance against PSG which was one of the best games I've seen in a long time.

"I know Liverpool have strengthened, but I just look at Manchester City's squad without trying to put my blue-tinted glasses on. They're getting closer and closer, last year was a big blow losing to Chelsea in the final.

"The season before they lost out to Lyon, you can see that the hurt of these results drives them on further to go that one step beyond.

"The hurt they have from that final will still be there and these players will be desperate to go on and win the Champions League.

"Both sides will need a little bit of luck along the way with the number of competitions they're fighting in. Sometimes you can be the best team, but if you don't have that bit of luck, then it might not happen.

"If I have to put my neck on the line, then I would go with Manchester City, just. But Liverpool at the minute, the momentum they've got and how they're playing; they're a fantastic team.

"Manchester City's squad depth and quality just edges it for me."

Liverpool & Mohamed Salah are currently in a contract deadlock, how important is it that the Reds keep hold of the Egyptian?

"I would ask him what he wanted, put the paper in front of him and let him sign," said Dickov.

"This season he has been the best player in the world, he's been absolutely outstanding.

"That's not even looking at just this season, his record since joining Liverpool is ridiculous with his goals, assists and what he does for that team.

"I think it's imperative they give him a new contract, if Mo Salah left Liverpool, never mind to potentially another Premier League team, but to anywhere, then I think it sends out the wrong message.

"The rise that Liverpool have been on since Klopp arrived, it would be a massive blow if they lost him because he's one of, if not the best player in the world at the minute.

"I think they've got to do everything they can to try and keep him and he's said he wants to stay.

"Within reason, you would think that it would be sorted out, I just worry that the longer it goes on, you start to question why he hasn't signed because it should have been done at the start of the season."

This interview was facilitated by OLBG.

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