Exclusive: Fabrizio Romano discusses Jurgen Klopp's future and who might replace him

Italian transfer expert Fabrizio Romano has said that there are absolutely no thoughts at Liverpool about who could take over from Jurgen Klopp when he leaves, in an exclusive with Anfield Watch.

The Reds have enjoyed massive success under the German since his arrival towards the end of 2015 with the Champions League and, most crucially of all, the league title returning to Anfield.

Of course, there can be no-one wanting Klopp to leave the club at the moment but, as with everything, a time will come when he is no longer in the Anfield dugout.

Speaking to Anfield Watch exclusively, then, Romano revealed that he'd like to see Steven Gerrard considered as Klopp's successor but admits, at the moment, there is little thought in L4 that Klopp is going anywhere right now:

"At the moment I really don't know. They are not planning for this because they are happy with Jurgen and he is more than part of the club so there is nothing on this at the moment.

"I would love to see Steven Gerrard just because he is doing amazing work at Rangers and this kind of opportunity would be amazing as a football fan, in general, to see Steven Gerrard manage Liverpool.

"Also why not an Italian manager? I'd love to see Massimiliano Allegri or Antonio Conte but I think [Liverpool] would go for a different style.

"After you have Klopp you can't go for a similar manager, you have to change, because in my opinion Klopp is the best and that's why it would be really difficult to find a new manager."


With the way Rangers are going this season in Scotland, there will be obvious calls for Steven Gerrard to come in after Klopp but it could be a few years yet before we see the German go.

He'll be wanting to ensure this season finishes on a high note after a recent rough patch and will certainly be looking at winning further silverware in the seasons to come, with a fair few years still left on his contract.

Right now, then, Reds can just enjoy the journey under Klopp and, when the time comes where he does leave, there will hopefully be several successful years to look back on.

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