Exclusive: Didi Hamann on Mohamed Salah's contract, Steven Gerrard and the title race

Former Liverpool player Didi Hamann has spoken exclusively to Anfield Watch about Mohamed Salah's contract, the best player he has played with and more.

Dietmar Hamann played 283 games for Liverpool, the most out of any other club he played for. The German also enjoyed good spells with Bayern Munich, Newcastle United and Manchester City.

Speaking exclusively to Charlie Webb for Anfield Watch, Hamann gave us his thoughts on who he thinks will win the Premier League title race, if Mo Salah will sign a contract with Liverpool and more!

Mohamed Salah is still refusing to sign an extended contract with the Reds, do you think anyone will compromise or can you see him leaving for free?

"We've seen similar things happen at Bayern Munich, [David] Alaba left on a free for Real Madrid and [Niklas] Sule is moving to Dortmund now," said Hamann.

"Usually, if players leave football clubs, then they're sold before their contract runs out, especially if they can't negotiate on a new one.

"I don't think he'll leave on a free next season, it's just part and parcel of football and the business. Players try to use their position at the club to try and get the contract they want.

"The least likely option is that he'll leave next summer, Salah will either go this summer for a fee or he will extend his contract.

"I'm not sure what his intentions are, there were rumours before that he wants to leave and if that's the case then he would have to be replaced.


"It would be a huge loss for Liverpool though, I've spoken before that he's someone that gets compared to strikers.

"He's in the same bracket as some of the best strikers in the world, he puts up incredible numbers and he plays out on the wing.

"He's one of the top three players in the world right now, so of course he would be very hard to replace."

Two of your former clubs Liverpool and Manchester City are going head-to-head in the title race, who do you think will eventually win it?

"I think Liverpool will come out on top, but it's a really exciting title race and there's that game at the Etihad coming up," Hamann said.

"It's great for the fans and it's great for the league. Last season, around Christmas we had a few teams in the running for the title before City put it to bed within two or three months.

"It's good to have a title race and they're the best two teams in Europe at the moment.

"There's also the potential that they clash in the Champions League final as well and there's a good chance that happens.

"Obviously, both teams have two more opponents to put aside, but they've dominated English football and the Premier League for four or five years now.

"We all remember that title race where Liverpool got to 97 points and still fell short of City, it's just incredible.

"Any other year that wins you the title and I think it just shows how good the two teams are."

You have played with unbelievable players but who is the best you've shared the field with?

"You play with players at different stages of their careers, I played with Lothar Matthäus when he was well in his 30s, so he obviously wasn't the player he was when he was 25 or 27," said Hamann.

"I've played with some brilliant players, [Jamie] Carragher and [Sami] Hyypia who was an unbelievable buy for Liverpool.

"There are some hugely talented players, Nicholas Anelka who I played with for half a season was one of the best talents I've ever seen.

"But you always look at players who change games, the easiest thing to do in football is defending, the hardest thing is to create chances and score goals.

"Steven Gerrard could do that and obviously I could see his development.

"I joined the club when he was 18 and I played with him for seven years and probably some of his best years I was his teammate.

"I think the quality he had from midfield is something not many players have nowadays, he could do everything.

"He was a brilliant crosser of the ball, he could score a goal from anywhere, he had great vision and technique.

"He was just an all-around world-class player and that's why I would have to go with Steven Gerrard."

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