Exclusive: Adebayo Akinfenwa on the prospect of ever signing for Liverpool

Wycombe Wanderers forward and Liverpool fan Adebayo Akinfenwa has exclusively told Anfield Watch that he would never consider messaging Jurgen Klopp to bring him in at the club.

Akinfenwa says that, even if he becomes a free agent in the future, he would not ask Klopp to sign him for Liverpool as he would not want to harm the side. However, he adds that it would be a completely different conversation if he was 28 instead of 38, claiming he would have been on the phone to Klopp asking to sign him up.

Speaking exclusively to Anfield Watch, Akinfenwa reacted to the potential of him ever joining Liverpool before his career ends. "Let me tell you something, I'm the most realistic brother on the world and, for me, I wouldn't want to harm Liverpool in any which way or form. Say 10 years ago, 100%, I would have texted, I'd have Whatsapp'd (Jurgen) Klopp, I'd say 'listen, big man, gaffer, boss, trust me, get me in the door and we could do some damage.'

"Boy, I'm 39 in two months, so I don't think I could. I love being a fan and love being able to watch from afar, so every now and again I do text Klopp just to say well done and x, y, and z sort of thing, but I don't think I will ever text to him to say bring me in the door."


With Akinfenwa heading towards his 40's, it is no surprise to see him play down his chances of ever joining Liverpool as a player. However, as Akinfenwa explains, 10 years ago could have been a different story, as he was in the prime years of his career scoring goals for Northampton in League One. With Liverpool's style of play being largely based around crossing, it could have been interesting to see Akinfenwa flying on to the end of crosses from Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson. However, Akinfenwa may not have suited the technical side of the game that Klopp demands, with Roberto Firmino - for example - consistently using his excellent footwork and skills to create chances and open up gaps.

This season for Wycombe in the Championship, Akinfenwa has averaged an incredible 15 aerial battles won per 90 across 23 appearances for the club. For comparison, Fabinho is the only player in the Liverpool squad averaging more than two aerial battles won per game (2.1) in the Premier League. So, Akinfenwa could have potentially been a useful option off the bench in his prime, but that ship - as Akinfenwa has admitted himself - has sailed, unfortunately.

See more of our interview with Adebayo below.

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