Exclusive: Adebayo Akinfenwa names Liverpool players who could challenge him to an arm wrestle

Wycombe Wanderers forward and Liverpool fan Adebayo Akinfenwa has exclusively told Anfield Watch that Xherdan Shaqiri could give him a good challenge in an arm wrestle competition.

Akinfenwa is known for his immense strength within the footballing world, with the Championship forward currently holding the title of the strongest player in FIFA. He has a strength rating of 97 out of 99, to illustrate just how strong the striker is.

Along with Shaqiri, Akinfenwa names Virgil van Dijk as another player who could give him a run for his money, although he is unsure about how strong his upper body is.

Speaking exclusively to Anfield Watch, Akinfenwa named the two players he thinks could challenge him to an arm wrestle. "At the top of the head, I think Virgil van Dijk. I think he's a big guy, but I don't know how big his arms are, though. Of course, at the top of head, I would say van Dijk, but I'd also say (Xherdan) Shaqiri.

"He has that low sense of gravity, he's got them calves that would hold him in place and he has a stocky top half. So maybe he would give man a go as well. I'm gonna go with either van Dijk or Shaq!"


Shaqiri is a great shout from Akinfenwa given his size and build. He may not be the tallest, Shaqiri, but he is well-built and very strong for his size, which has been shown on the pitch in a Liverpool shirt when he has been on the ball and able to hold off taller defenders trying to dispossess him. Whether or not he would be able to beat Akinfenwa in an arm wrestle remains to be seen, though. Maybe if Liverpool face Wycombe in one of the cup competitions next season they could look to test it out!

Akinfenwa's FIFA 21 rating for strength, as previously mentioned is 97, but how does that compare to players in the Liverpool squad? Shaqiri has been given a paltry 71 for strength, whilst van Dijk has an impressive 92. This suggests that, by FIFA's standards, van Dijk could be best placed to challenge Akinfenwa to an arm wrestle if the situation ever materialised.

See more of our interview with Adebayo below.


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