Exclusive: Adebayo Akinfenwa names Liverpool manager he would like to play for

Wycombe Wanderers forward and Liverpool fan Adebayo Akinfenwa has exclusively told Anfield Watch that Jurgen Klopp is the manager he would most like to work with out of the recent Reds bosses.

When asked about which Liverpool manager over the last decade or so that he would have most liked to have played for, Akinfenwa named Klopp but also gave special mentions to both Brendan Rodgers and Sir Kenny Dalglish. He adds that Klopp is the type of character he likes in football, as some in the industry can be too stiff and Akinfenwa likes authenticity.

Speaking exclusively to Anfield Watch, Akinfenwa revealed which Liverpool manager he would most like to play under. "It would have to be Klopp. The reason why it would be Klopp is just that I just think, listen I wouldn't say I'm a conventional type of player, but what I love about the game is characters, I love being yourself, I love being authentic.

"Of course, there is a way of acting, but I think sometimes football can be stiff, especially higher up, and I just don't think Klopp's that. I think he's authentic, I think he's a character, I think he's entertaining and I think he makes you want to run through a wall for him.

"To get somebody on a human level, as ultimately people see it as a business. You know managers come and go, players come and go. Sometimes, and I've said it, I think players are hired help and you're paid to do a job, but when you get a manager that you connect with on a human level that makes you want to do more - I think Klopp has that.

"I'm not saying other managers (don't), I think King Kenny (Dalglish), just because it's King Kenny and I think Brendan Rodgers as well, these are managers I think would make you want to run through a wall. But, I just think Klopp has that edge."


This ties back in with , where he said that if he was 10 years young and became a free agent he would be on the phone to Klopp saying that they could do some damage together. Maybe if Klopp had joined Liverpool in 2005 instead of 2015, then Akinfenwa could have at least tried to get in on the action with the German at Anfield. That isn't to say that Klopp would have signed him, but at least Akinfenwa could have had the conversation.

Brendan Rodgers is also an interesting one, given the incredible strike force he had whilst at Liverpool. Rodgers had the stunning strike partnership of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, who scored an unbelievable 55 goals between them in all competitions in the 2013/14 campaign as Liverpool came ever so close to winning the Premier League title. Akinfenwa's style is built more around strength and holding the ball up, whereas Sturridge and Suarez were very dynamic and able to run in-behind to hurt defences with their pace, so it may not have been the best fit for the Wycombe man under Rodgers.

See more of our interview with Adebayo below.

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