Exactly what Jurgen Klopp said about the Anfield crowd

Here's exactly what Jurgen Klopp said about the Anfield crowd ahead of the massive Premier League clash with Arsenal.

The Anfield crowd came into some stick at the weekend as Liverpool played out a thoroughly disappointing draw against Manchester United. Despite being a record Premier League crowd for the Reds, things never got going.

Jurgen Klopp, however, seems a little more annoyed by the lack of noise in the 5-1 win over West Ham in the Carabao Cup. The Liverpool boss decided to comment after the game, saying he wasn't 'overly happy' with what he heard.

"In the first half, when the boys played exceptionally, I was not overly happy with the atmosphere behind me," he said, per the BBC.

"I asked people: 'What do they want?' We changed a lot of things and we dominated West Ham like crazy and missed chances. If I was in the stands, I would be on my toes, 1,000%.

"I don't know if the Man United game was that bad that we have to say sorry we didn't smash them?"

It takes a lot for Klopp to criticise like that - he clearly felt there was no excuse for the lack of noise. Perhaps there was against Manchester United - the game was pretty terrible, after all - but not in a 5-1 win where Liverpool were electric.

The boss didn't stop there, however. He went a step further to call for only fans ready to create an atmosphere against Arsenal at the weekend.

"We need Anfield on Saturday," Klopp said. "Arsenal didn't play this week.

"Anyone who knows anything about them knows they will be prepared, so we need Anfield on their toes from the first second, without me having an argument with the opposition coach.

"If it is too much football in December, if you are not in the right shape, give your ticket to somebody else."

Perhaps that highlights a few nerves on Klopp's part, believing Liverpool need everything in their favour if they're to get a result. Or perhaps he feels this is the time to put his neck out as there's no real excuse for a lack of noise this weekend.

What's certainly clear is that Klopp isn't happy with Anfield right now.

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