'Everything is for sale' - Simon Jordan on Liverpool being put up for sale by FSG

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has given his thoughts on FSG deciding to sell Liverpool.

Earlier today, David Ornstein of The Athletic broke the news that Fenway Sports Group, who have owned Liverpool since 2010, have decided to put the club up for sale.

This news has been the talk of the town and it seems like everyone, including former Premier League owners, are getting their thoughts in on the situation.

Speaking to TalkSport, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, former Crystal Palace chairman and owner Simon Jordan claimed that Liverpool has been up for sale for 'some time'.

“It’s been for sale for some time. The American interest in our football clubs has been there for some time. If someone walks through the door and offers FSG £5billion then Liverpool are sold. End of discussion.

“The Raine Group believe that as a result of the Chelsea deal there’s an appetite now for supposed grownups to really go after these big football clubs because the value of them has inherent opportunities for a variety of other things.

“I’ll be surprised if FSG don’t come into play... because they’ve already done it with Redbird being an acquisition model that bought a significant percentage of their business and took some of their media rights away for another project.

“Have they got a ‘for sale’ sign outside? I don’t think so, but the very nature of their ownership and the very nature of their involvement in sport is that everything is for sale and everything has a business side to it."

Anfield Watch Verdict

There have been reports for years that some of the richest people in the world have put in bids to buy Liverpool, each one being rejected by John Henry and his company.

However, it now looks like a suitable bid for the Reds will be enough to pry Anfield away from FSG. How much this 'suitable bid' would be is still unknown.

For some context, Chelsea were recently bought for a reported fee of £4.25billion by American businessman Todd Boehly.

Liverpool are a much bigger club than Chelsea and marketing-wise, the Reds' only competition on the world stage is the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United.

The figure of £5billion that Jordan claimed would be 'enough' seems a bit low to me. I think if FSG held out they could probably get closer to £6billion.

Who knows though, John Henry might already have a buyer lined up and maybe his team leaked this news to try and bump the price up.

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