Dublin hotel prices going CRAZY ahead of Europa League final

Some hotel and accommodation prices in Dublin have gone a bit crazy ahead of the UEFA Europa League final there next month as Liverpool look to make it to the big dance in Ireland on May 22.

Liverpool have plenty of motivation to get there, of course. If they do, it'll be Jurgen Klopp's final game in charge before stepping down, while it would offer a chance to pick up the one trophy he's failed to claim thus far.

Klopp actually led the Reds to the final in his first half-season in charge. They lost 3-1 to Sevilla, however, after sitting 1-0 up at halftime. Here's a chance for a fitting end, then.

But Bayer Leverkusen, too, hope to make history in Dublin. They're still undefeated all season and Xabi Alonso's team will have an eye on going the full campaign without a loss.

They'd have to qualify for the Europa League final and win in order to do that. Possibly even beating Liverpool there.

Europa League final hotel prices

With fans predicting an absolutely massive game in Dublin, hotel and apartment prices are soaring. One Liverpool fan on Twitter/X pointed out that one room will set you back over £5000 for a two-night stay.

Here's the listing, for those interested, and to be 'fair' it does claim to house eight people. Still, £5000+ for a "very good" landing spot in Dublin is just unreal.

Other listings for the same dates show that even a 200 sqft. room will set you back £700. A decent space twice that. It's gotten pretty crazy.

But it can get crazier! A lot of fans won't book until their club is confirmed in the final, while certain clubs (i.e. Liverpool) will generate far more interest in the final than others.

So these prices will likely become more common and rise even higher. Basically, if you live in Dublin, check if you can legally rent out your bedroom.

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