Dominik Szoboszlai reveals office meeting with Jurgen Klopp on first day at Liverpool

Dominik Szoboszlai has revealed the instructions that Jurgen Klopp gave him on his first day as a Liverpool player.

The 23-year-old Hungarian was the most expensive of the Reds' four summer signings at £60m from RB Leipzig.

Despite being relatively little-known to many Premier League fans prior to his move, Szoboszlai has hit the ground running at Anfield, impressing with his dynamism and helping to breathe new life into a midfield that had become Liverpool's weak spot last season.

Klopp's new number eight has already topped running charts, dominated shirt sales and even scored screamers.

Speaking to the official Liverpool matchday programme, Szoboszlai revealed how Klopp has helped motivate him to succeed in his new environment.

"He's quite a unique guy," the midfielder said Klopp. "We had spoken before after some games when Salzburg and Leipzig played against Liverpool but not that closely. And now it was weird because it felt like we know each other already. So it was a good talk.

"On my first day he called me into his office and said, 'look, we know what kind of player you are, we know what you can do. You don't have to show it exactly from the first day because we know you just need to develop well in the team. So be free, do your things and it will come. But work hard because if you want to play, you have to work hard'.

"I listened to him. I felt that from the outside world it was like, okay, a Hungarian guy coming to the Premier League, he will not play, it's too big a step. But these things push me even harder. In my mind I was thinking: no, I'm going to show it.

"And from the first day I wanted to play all the games, want to play 90 minutes, to score goals, give assists, win trophies and do everything for the club. From the first day here, I've been trying to do that."

The Hungary captain also spoke of the differences between the Premier League and previous competitions he has experienced, highlighting how unpredictable England's top flight can be.

He said: "The intensity is crazy. You have to run a lot and not only a lot but fast. You have to defend too because you know that every time the opposition has a chance in this league, the quality is so high that they can score.

"The other thing is that everybody can win against everybody else, so there is no game that you are sure you can win. For example, already this season Newcastle defeated Aston Villa 5-1, Brighton beat Newcastle 3-1, then Aston Villa win 6-1 against Brighton.

"So you never know what might be happening and everybody can be there and surprise everybody else."

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