Dominik Szoboszlai lifts lid on Mohamed Salah chat and strange Erling Haaland tip

Dominik Szoboszlai says he had a chat with Mohamed Salah on how to look after his body, with the Egyptian maestro hailed as one of the fittest footballers on the planet despite being in his 30s. 

The Hungary midfielder has revealed that Salah abstains from alcohol, bread and pasta among other food items, adding that he does gym sessions in the morning before attending training at noon. Speaking to Hungarian outlet Fodball, Szoboszlai said:

"I talked to [Salah] a lot because I was interested in how he saw it. He didn't do it until he was about 28 years old, then he decided not to eat pasta, bread, basically he doesn't drink alcohol. He's been doing this since then, and if there's training at noon, he's already in the gym at 10.30. I don't judge anyone, everyone can do whatever they want."

The 23-year-old also opened up on an interesting piece of advice he got from Erling Haaland, who was his teammate at RB Salzburg. Szoboszlai revealed he used to meditate with the Norwegian striker, describing the Manchester City striker as someone who does a lot of things to get better as a player. He added:

"When we played in Salzburg I meditated with [Haaland] two or three times because we were in the same room and at first I looked stupid and then I got in. He had a pair of glasses that he wore, and I used them for a while because he said they would make me sleep better and sleep faster, but if I had, I would wear them now.

"It didn't help me, but maybe it's because I didn't believe in him as much as he did, but that's everyone's own business. He does a lot of things that people probably don't know, but I've been to his apartment. The guy is a bit sick."

Szoboszlai has been one of Liverpool's standout players since joining the club from RB Leipzig this summer and is set to be named in the starting XI once again when the Reds take on Luton Town on Sunday.

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