Dominik Szoboszlai's ex-manager makes David Beckham and Erling Haaland comparisons

Former Leeds United manager Jesse Marsch has drawn comparisons between new Liverpool signing Dominik Szoboszlai and David Beckham.

Szoboszlai arrived in a £60m deal from RB Leipzig this summer and has impressed in his first two Premier League outings, especially against Bournemouth where he put in a man of the match display.

The Hungary captain's driving runs and passing range have already seen him compared to Liverpool great Steven Gerrard, with Anfield Watch columnist Henry Jackson writing how the Reds' latest number eight has given the club something they haven't had in years.

Meanwhile, Marsch, who managed Szoboszlai at Red Bull Salzburg and Leipzig, has drawn comparisons with another legendary English midfielder.

“He is the modern-day David Beckham,” the former Leeds boss told the Telegraph. “When the ball is on his right foot he can put it anywhere he wants. The precision and the pace he can put on the ball is ridiculous. And I say ‘modern day’ because he is more mobile and more dynamic.”

Marsch also revealed how 22-year-old Szoboszlai is already an icon back in his homeland.

“I was in Budapest on vacation with my family recently and Szobo’s face is everywhere, but he relishes that responsibility,” Marsch said. “He has known for years this was his path. This is the way it is supposed to go. He is the hope and pride of his nation, seen as ‘the next Puskas’.

“The vision for him was always clear when speaking to his father and agent at a young age.”

As if Beckham and Puskas weren't enough, Marsch also drew parallels between Liverpool's new midfielder and Manchester City superstar and ex-Red Bull teammate Erling Haaland.

“Usually when you have a young player who is more extroverted than introverted that can be taken to mean they are slightly arrogant,” Marsch continued. “The beauty of Szobo and Erling [Haaland] is that their arrogance is not selfish.

“What you have with those guys is the desire to be the hardest worker at the club. When I heard Dominik killed it on Liverpool’s lactate test run in pre-season, I thought, ‘There you go and there he goes’.

“Szobo loves being part of a team. He loves being with team-mates. He loves to laugh. He loves to train. He will stick around training every day to participate in any group activity. He loves competing and he loves football, but he also loves the feeling of achieving success with others.

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“Both Szobo and Erling were fearless early on. They forged a good friendship as they wanted to be on that big stage. They knew they belonged there. We had a lot of established players but they quickly became the cornerstone of what we could achieve."

The currently unemployed American manager added that Liverpool's £60m fee for Szoboszlai will prove a 'steal', claiming that both he and Haaland are destined for world greatness.

“Liverpool got a steal at £60m, just like Manchester City got a steal with Erling. Look, they are a different profile of footballer. Erling has the ability to change a game because he can score at will. His pace and power is different to anyone else around. Szobo has an elegance and technical ability to go with a physical package which make him unique. There are not many players with his physical stature who can run as he can with the intelligence.

“The point is that these two are destined to be two of the best in the world in their positions.”

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