Dominik Szoboszlai beats rapid Mo Salah & Darwin Nunez speeds

Dominik Szoboszlai has set the fastest top speed at Liverpool for years. That's even quicker than Darwin Nunez and Mohamed Salah.

Sky Sports released some data this weekend that shows the fastest player at every Premier League club. More specifically, it shows the fastest top speed that a player has reached at each club.

Of course, this doesn't take acceleration into account and so you don't necessarily get the players you'd expect as the 'quickest'. It's more a measure of who can eventually reach the fastest speed when they have space to get going.

And so the fastest at Liverpool is a name you wouldn't necessarily pick out - Dominik Szoboszlai. Not only is he the fastest for the Reds but he's also the third-fastest on this list with a top speed of 36.76 km/h. While it's technically possible that Luton and Wolves - the two clubs with faster players - have even more to have beaten that speed, we imagine the Hungarian's best is the Premier League's third-best so far this season.

For some context, that's the quickest we've seen at Liverpool for years. Darwin Nunez set the fastest sprint for the Reds last season with 36.53 km/h. Mohamed Salah was the fastest the year before that - 36.6 km/h.

This may not be a shock for everyone, of course. Szoboszlai's sprint against Wolves - the one that set this mark - gained some attention on social media at the time. As it turns out, that data backs up just how quick it was.

So at this point, is there anything Szoboszlai can't do? He's absolutely rapid, strong, has incredible control and his technique on the ball is extraordinary at times. The more we see and hear of him, the more ridiculous is seems that Liverpool signed him relatively uncontested in the summer.

Now, there is one question hanging over him - can he remain fit for an entire season? That's not something Szoboszlai has actually done before but Liverpool are certainly asking that question of him this time around.

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