Dirk Kuyt reveals all on famous hat-trick v Man Utd and iconic Suarez moment

Former Liverpool striker Dirk Kuyt has given his take on his famous hat-trick against Manchester United at Anfield, and the iconic run from Luis Suarez that led to one of his goals.

Kuyt scored three goals in a 3-1 win over our fiercest foes at Anfield and will forever be remembered for that - as well as a number of other famous moments in big games.

What made the hat-trick standout, though, was that a lot of the work done - and he'll admit this himself - was by Luis Suarez.

Indeed, the Uruguayan had a field day against the Red Devils and nearly scored one of the greatest Premier League goals against them with a jinking run, only for Kuyt to pop it in on the line.

Of course, he explains that he was worried that it could have been cleared had he not done so and he had this to say via the LFC website:


Anfield Watch Verdict

Kuyt deserved that day for the hard work he put in for Liverpool during his time at the club.

He's right, too, as he wouldn't have been able to boast a hat-trick against Manchester United if he hadn't knocked that one in, so you cannot really blame him.

Suarez was electric that day, meanwhile, and there was certainly more to come from the forward in red.

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