"Different" - Steven Gerrard reveals the best player he ever played with at Liverpool

Steven Gerrard has named former Liverpool teammate Luis Suarez as the best footballer he has ever played with.

Speaking to Gary Neville on the Overlap, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, the Liverpool legend has named Luis Suarez as the best player he ever played with during his career.

“Suarez was just different," said Gerrard. "You just felt, no matter who you were playing, he was going to win you the game. Every game. It didn't matter who it was.

“It was almost like he trained the way he played. I remember walking off one of the main sessions we did with Carra and me and Carra were like 'Oh my god, this fella has got bundles.' I remember Carra saying, 'I don't want to play against him every day in training'.

“He was that intense in training and could embarrass you with stuff I don't think he even knew he was doing. He was a ricochet merchant, he'd run over you, dominate you and bully you."


Anfield Watch Verdict

Whilst playing for Liverpool, Suarez become an icon and he was considered not just the best player in the Premier League but one of the best players in the world, putting up similar numbers to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

During his four seasons at Anfield, the Uruguayan played 133 games, scoring 82 goals and getting 46 assists. Incredible numbers to say the least.

For a large majority of the fanbase, Suarez is the greatest Premier League forward that Liverpool have ever had, with only Mohamed Salah considered to be on a similar level.

The fact that Suarez is considered one of the best strikers to ever play the game also speaks volumes of his quality. Yes, he had his fair share of controversies but his footballing ability speaks for itself.

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