Developers of new Anfield stand file for administration but lower tier won't be impacted this weekend

News broke on Thursday morning that the construction company tasked with building Liverpool FC's new Anfield Road Stand, has filed a notice to appoint administrators, and workers involved in building the stand have halted construction.

It came as a shock to Liverpool fans when images of workers walking away from their construction duties at Anfield began to surface online, but shortly after, it was revealed that The Buckingham Group - the company responsible for the club's new stand - had began the process of going into administration.

A report from This Is Anfield suggested that previous delays had already pushed back the target for the full completion of the stand to mid-October, but with this unfortunate news, that new deadline may could also be in doubt.

The news arrives just two days before Liverpool’s first home game of the 2023/24 season against Bournemouth, and Liverpool Football Club have now released a statement on the matter, reassuring fans that the the filing will not heavily impact the club's plans at the weekend.

The statement read: "Buckingham Group has made us aware that it has filed for a notice of intention to appoint administrators. This filing does not impact the planned opening of the new Anfield Road Stand’s lower tier on Saturday for the match against AFC Bournemouth.

"Following the successful test events earlier this week, Liverpool City Council’s building control team issued a safety certificate to operate the lower tier of the Anfield Road Stand and we look forward to welcoming supporters to Anfield for our first Premier League home game of the season."

Work on the club's new stand originally began in September 2021, with a pencilled in completion date of the Bournemouth game on Saturday, but this news could likely lead to further delays.

As reported by This Is Anfield, The Buckingham Group are also responsible for the construction of Fulham's new Riverside Stand, a project which is currently more than two years delayed, and this work is said to be a factor that led to the company filing for administration.

Liverpool FC's official statement also informed fans that the club continues to work with Buckingham Group on the planned phased opening of the remainder of the new stand, and its priority will be updating supporters on arrangements for future games - most notably, Liverpool's next home game against Aston Villa on September 3rd.

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