Darwin Nunez hits FANTASTIC milestone with bizarre Liverpool goal

Darwin Nunez hit a fantastic milestone for the season by scoring a bizarre goal for Liverpool against Sheffield United on Thursday night - there's just nobody like him.

Darwin opened the scoring for Liverpool in a 3-1 win with a goal which confounded xG modelling. The Uruguayan knew nothing of it.

Nunez charged down Sheffield United goalkeeper Ivo Grbic as he tried to hoof it up the pitch. The ball clattered off of the Liverpool striker's back leg and flew into the goal. 1-0, pretty much by accident.

It's one of the more bizarre goals all season, and about as Nunez as it gets. While the Reds eventually needed more in order to win the game, their no.9 was the one to get them going.

And with that, Nunez hit a milestone for the season that really put his doubters to bed.

Darwin Nunez hits milestone

That was Nunez's 11th Premier League goal of the season and his 18th in all competitions. Combined with his 12 assists, the 24-year-old now has 30 goal contributions for the campaign.

It's considerably up on what he managed in his debut season - 20 contributions. And there's still well over a month of the season to go, of course.

Nunez has had criticism from everywhere over the course of this season for not being productive, for not having enough quality, and for just not being very good. 30 goal contributions at the start of April at the top level, though, is something very, very few players can match.

It puts him in the very top bracket of strikers, in fact, and all with a sense that there's even more to come from Nunez.

Because his finishing really hasn't been great - and if that clicks into place, even just slightly, he's going to be at around 40 goal contributions next season. We're seeing something special this season and the potential is there for even more.

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